3 Tips In Buying Orchids Wholesale In Thailand

Buying a good number of orchids is easy. All you have to do is get online and search for different orchids wholesale supplier on the internet where you can order your required flowers. However, to ensure that you will get the freshest and high quality orchids, you need to be extra meticulous in choosing your supplier. Here are a few essential tips to get high quality orchids from an orchid grower in Thailand.

Read the labels

There are numerous variety of orchids and every one of them could require different kind of caring technique. There are orchids that require less water while there are those that require frequent watering and attention. Buy orchids with clear label that would tell you how to carefor the orchids. There are orchids that should be placed indoors while there are those that thrives better in an outdoor environment. The labels would give you relevant information about the orchid including its name. The label should also include the contact information of the orchid grower.

Do not buy bargain orchids

It would be wise to purchase orchids wholesale as they are generally cheaper compared to buying by piece. Consider buying wholesale but avoid those that are offered at bargain price because its quality might be compromised. There has to be a reason why the orchidsare offered at bargain price and usually, the reasons are not favourable to the buyers. Before buying the orchids, inspect them thoroughly from roots to tips. Do not fall for nice packaging. Make it a point to check the roots which are usually hidden behind packaging. Check the leaves, roots and spikes as they will tell you the exact condition of the orchid.

Excellent shipping technology

Shipping is one important part in orchid delivery. Orchid growers and shippers would usually repot orchids and this can be stressful for the plants. Choose orchids wholesale supplier that are meticulous in its handling, packaging and transportation of orchids especially if it will be delivered to a customer abroad. Orchids are repot in water-retaining mix to keep them hydrated and healthy. Remove the orchids from its temporary pot the moment you receive them.