4 New Technologies That Aid In Junk Removal And Recycling

Junk removal is one industry, which needs tech innovations. Increased dependence on single use plastics and other materials, has resulted in huge amounts of trash being generated every day. It is estimated that an individual produces around four and a half pounds of trash in a single day. To handle this menace junk removal industry requires all the help it can get.

Here are some new tech innovations that are helping junk removal Orange County companies to handle the process of collecting, recycling and disposing waste.

  1. Near-infrared spectroscopy

Manual sorting of plastic waste consumes a lot of time. Near-infrared spectroscopy technology comes to the aid of junk removal companies here. This technology is used to speed up the procedure of sorting plastic materials. The technology can identify minute differences between the polymer compositions of different plastics and sort them in a quick and efficient manner.

  1. Gasification

Gasification is the process of converting waste into fuel. Considering the fact that humans around the world produce gigantic amounts of waste every day, gasification helps to tap into the hitherto unused source of energy. Junk removal Orange county companies and other companies across the world have developed techniques to convert solid waste into Syngas, which can be converted into diesel. On an average a ton of solid waste can be converted into a barrel of fuel.

  1. Radio Frequency Identification

Also known as RFID, Radio Frequency Identification is one of the early technologies to be used in the junk removal industry. RFID technology helps junk removal companies to track the entire process of waste collection, transport and recycling. This tracking will help to find out problem areas and devise early solutions to tackle them.

  1. Dewatered Garbage

This is a new technology in Junk removal that it still in testing phases. Dewatered garbage is the process of removing water from the food waste and allowing bacteria and other microorganisms to eat the remaining waste. This process reduces the quantity of waste as very little is left behind after microorganisms scavenge on the dewatered waste.

With change in technology, junk is turning into a profitable commodity. Private junk removal orange county firms are popping up to provide junk removal and recycling services. Waste management is slowly turning into a profitable industry with the availability of funding and the scope of growth.