A Bill To Amend The Current Districts of Ohio

A proposition has been made by the lawmakers in the state of Ohio which can change the constitution because they are planning to change the way the processing is done in the state in terms of choosing the congressional districts. This change will not impact those who are processing Ohio tax ID application but it could mean changes in the state.

The bill is Senate Joint Resolution 5 which is proposed by Senator Matt Huffman who is a Lima Republican. This came after he gave a presentation among his colleagues who are in the Senate committee.

The plan which is featured in the planned constitutional amendment will make it possible for lawmakers to have the first decision regarding the congressional map. From them, the decision will be passed on to redistricting committee composed of seven members. They are the ones who will choose the legislative districts of the Statehouse. The map will be approved once it has received three out of five of the voting in every chamber which includes one in every three of the legislators under the minority party.

According to the legislation, there will be seven rules put in place to provide limitations when it comes to splitting counties and various jurisdictions as well as to how the split should be done. For instance, every country not including the top 10 with most population can only be split one time.

The plan presented by Huffman received criticism from Democrats as well as advocates of the redistricting reform. According to them, the legislation will not have much impact when it comes to limiting the politicians’ actions when they want to the political parties where they are included to benefit from it.

Huffman believes there will be changes in the following weeks once the Democrats have their say. Lawmakers must work as fast as possible in order to see some changes in the coming primary ballot to be held in May. It is necessary for the resolution to be approved by the two chambers before or on February 7. The lawmakers are also encouraging individuals and business to process their Ohio tax ID application before the primary ballot.