A Business Startup Helping Clients Book Flight Tickets For Less

Booking flight tickets to the destination of your choice is not an easy task. Though there are many websites offering cheap deals for flight tickets, the fact remains that the price is still quite high. There are many online services offering to help users find cheap flights such as Travelocity and Expedia but the cost still burns the majority’s pocket.

There is a new startup, founded by Oliver Dlouhy and Lucie Bresove, which is called Skypicker. The online service is said to aim in helping people locate flights that are discounted by as much as 90 per cent compared to those flight deals offered by regular airline websites. Though the offer might sound a little too good to be true at first, it was still an enticing offer to let it pass.

There are different ways in which flyers purchase their travel tickets. Some use third party online services the likes of Expedia while there are those that go directly to the airline’s website for booking needs. It doesn’t matter what method you belong since there is obviously a better way of booking cheap flight tickets that is not shown to the flyers.

Skypicker is a startup that was founded around three years ago and is based in the Czech Republic. The company aims to make people more aware of cheaper flight options so they can avail of the discounts and promos. Despite having been launched in 2012, it was not until recently that it decided to open its doors to customers who are located in the United States.

According to the CEO of Skypicker, Oliver Dlouhy, the company was built after he experienced having a hard time finding cheap flights. This is quite important if you are a student and saving as much as you can. For that flight from Prague going to Portugal, it took him and a friend six days before they found connecting flights that amounts to the cheapest cost. This is where the idea for Skypicker was based and from then until now, the company is offering to book tickets for cheap flights with European airlines and recently with North American carriers.