A Simple Guide To Fine Dining Etiquette

Fine dining blunders could happen to anyone. There might have been a time wherein you were out for dinner and you had no idea why there were so many different knives or forks beside your plate, there may even be a time where you had made a complete fool of yourself. The only way to avoid such circumstances is to observe fine dining etiquette and while the rules may change from place to place, the basics are still the same.

Here is a simple guide to fine dining etiquette.

  • Dress Accordingly. In fine dining, it is a requirement for people to dress appropriately and nicely. For men, they should be dressed in suits or jackets while women are required to wear suits or a dress with shoes instead of sandals. Dressing up nicely and accordingly is particularly relevant when out on dates, or when one is meeting with foreigners for business purposes.
  • Seating Arrangement. There is strictness with the way people are seated. The first one to take their seat should be the host of the dinner, both at home and at restaurants. If you don’t know where you are going to be seated, you should wait for the host to seat you in the right place. Also, the seating arrangements are often relayed at the door or sometimes, cards will be placed at the table.
  • Knives and Forks. Forks are always placed on the left of the plate while on the right side is where the knives and the spoons should be. Forks, knives and spoons are used from the outside to inside. This would mean that the cutlery in the farthest side is the one used for the main course. Also, the tines of the fork should be face down.
  • Wine Glasses. The wine glasses are often found at the right side of the plate. The glasses for port wine are smaller than those used for red wine. The glasses for white wine are always placed beside the ones for red wine as they are more petite. For champagne, the goblets are located in the far right and are also petite while the water glass is on the bottom right.
  • When going out to fine dining in Perth, you should know that food should not be blown to cool it down. Let it cool down on its own and never take too much food in your mouth. The fork is always used for picking up food and not scooping. Never slurp the soup or place the spoon in the mouth fully. You should try everything that is served to you.