A Sneak Peek Into The New Movie Costumes Of Latest Power Rangers Film

Fans of the Power Rangers will now be able to see a sneak peek into the latest Rangers costume which will be used in the next film offering by Lionsgate entitled Power Rangers.

There are a number of photos that was published at Comicbook’s website showcasing the helmets worn by the team on the movie. There are also photos of the rocks that are used by the rangers in order to acquire their morphing power. Each of the rock has a different color representing the color of each ranger on the team. Aside from the varying colors, it also contains a pattern of geometric variety in order to give the rock the vibe that it came from other planets.

The helmets have a striking resemblance to the helmets used on the classic installment that was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Each helmet also comes with a mouthpiece in the color silver. The only obvious difference between them is that the latest helmet seems to have a rough texture which entails that it might have been sculpted out of huge gemstones or rocks. This is a quite a change from the classic helmets since the old ones used to display only a single solid color.

It is still unknown if the Rangers in the movie will be accompanied by their respective spirit animals. If you are a fan of the series from the beginning then you might have remembered that the each of the previous Power Rangers has a specific animal that represents them, specifically a dinosaur species. These animals will then be the same image as their respective robotic ship which they referred to as Zords. Red ranger’s spirit animal used to be the T-rex, blue ranger’s was triceratops, pink ranger’s was pterodactyl, and yellow ranger’s was sabertooth tiger while black ranger’s spirit animal was a mammoth.

Another publication, The Wrap, uploaded an image of the movie costumes worn by the actual actors but without their masks on. Bryan Cranston who is known for his character in the Breaking Bad TV series will also be a part of the new movie.