Abbey Restoration In Northampton: A Special Project

Delapre Abbey is a nunnery and monastery (serving as a private country house too) built in 1145 was founded by the Earl of Northampton, Simon de Senlis. During the World War II, it became part of the War Office and was turned into the country records office in 1959. After which, it became empty and uninhabited, however, it is still considered as one of the historic landmarks of the area. The years have somehow dilapidated the structure and it needed change and renovation.

The Northampton Borough Council has decided to renovate this historic Abbey to be a tourist attraction as announced last Jan 2017 and will be open to the public later in the year. With an initial budget of more than £7 million, the construction and renovation industry, which includes painter and decorator Northampton, is in for more work.

The renovation though went a bit off schedule and off budget as there were some service issues that were not initially seen and was just observed at the time of restoration found by the team responsible such as the painter and decorator Northampton.  As sustainability of the renovation is the goal, the cabinet members decided to add additional funding to be able to correctly fix the issues.

The Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust will be attracting the visitors to spend their money for tours and the café, a new room that will be built in the Abbey. As this structure has never been open to the public, the Council is excited and ready to make it something special again. The team working on the restoration has worked on other castles. They had good words to say regarding the Abbey, stating that when they started it wasn’t in the worst condition despite time’s impact on the structure.

The Café added to the Delapre Abbey, named the Conservatory Café, opened starting April 3, 1 PM. They offer a wide range of choices from coffee to hot meals that are made from local ingredients and this menu welcomes visitors with warmth. The Billiard Room, which was also restored is next to the Conservatory Café, is perfect for an afternoon tea and will be available for booking starting the 4th of April.