About Us

So much is happening all over the world. There is heartbreaking news about the outbreak of disease and the sad news of human sufferings and hunger. There are also headlines that have a significant meaning to readers because they are able to reflect on the current situations surrounding them. Global awareness allows people to see situations in their broader sense and that is the reason why we have decided to provide you with another source of online news – Flotron World News.

World news is something that we cannot ignore or bypass. Even if it is happening thousands of miles away, it allows us to rethink our present situation and learn from other people’s mistakes. When we read about global events, we want to understand more and that is the fundamental reason for the existence of Flotron World News.

When you keep updated with current global events you do not feel ashamed when your friends are discussing the news because you have something to share. When you read about crimes, you become more alert and you learn how to protect yourself and your family. When you read the weather forecasts, you can schedule your travel accordingly. World news makes you socially responsible and you become aware of the latest trends. You gain knowledge on how politics, business and technology differ from how it’s normally done in your country. Your knowledge widens and you are able to participate in discussions and debates.

We invite you to join our community of world news readers at Flotron World News. You can discuss and analyze the current global events with our audience. You are free to share your personal comments and opinions but we remind you to respect the beliefs of other readers. You may not agree with the opinions of others but let us be decent about it.

You can also share interesting articles on what is happening in your own country. We look forward to your news stories so that we can gain a more detailed view on the story as it occurs. Feel free to contact us at www.flotron.org particularly if you any questions on how you can submit your news stories.