Adults Still Have The Opportunity To Have Beautiful And Healthy Smiles

Gone are the days when Reading braces were seen only on children and teenagers. Nowadays, adults are wearing traditional braces to improve the look of their teeth. Many adults did not have the opportunity to wear braces during their childhood because of the cost. As a result, they have teeth that they are not happy with.

For crooked teeth, the best option is traditional metal braces with brackets and bands that will temporarily be placed on the teeth and held together by a flexible wire. However, the problem is most adults are embarrassed to be seen wearing metal braces. They have the option of clear aligners that is more appealing and practical for adults.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 28% of patients that were treated by orthodontists in 2016 are over 18 years old. This means that adults are not too old to wear metal braces. In the 1980’s nobody bothered to disguise the traditional braces. Back then, braces were made from silver which cannot actually be hidden. Braces were identified with teenagers much like acne and algebra.

Today, there are clear brackets, removable clear aligners and rainbow-colored elastic bands that can show off the school colors.  Crooked teeth can be embarrassing and adults should not ignore the problem just because they are skeptical about wearing metal braces. Treatment methods today are far different than the 80’s. There are clear brackets, digital X-rays and smaller and more comfortable dental appliances.

The path to a beautiful smile is not difficult with an orthodontist’s help but it can be expensive. A 2016 survey made by the American Dental Association reported that comprehensive treatment for adolescents ranged from $4,978 to $6,900. It was slightly higher for adults at $5,000 to $7,045. There are also monthly appointments to tighten the braces.

You will easily acquire the smile you are dreaming off through Reading braces or clear aligners. You will notice surprising changes every day until all the gaps in the teeth have been filled. You are no longer embarrassed to post your smiling face in social media platforms. Schedule an appointment with the orthodontist so that all your questions about braces can be answered.