AGE ID App To Determine Authenticity Of An ID

Many underage students use Fake IDs to be admitted at bars and clubs but the sad news is Age ID, a fake ID scanning app that will be utilized by Greenville Police Department (GPD), Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) and Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). The Age ID app can scan the barcode of an ID so that the police officer will know whether the ID is real or fake.

Local ABC and ALE officers will have access to the app including several members of GPD. East Carolina’s Police Department does not have access yet because usage is still being considered based on cost and effectiveness. Right now, the app will only be used for alcohol enforcement.

However, East Carolina University’s Deputy Chief of Police Jason Sugg said that it is very unlikely for officers to be stationed outside the bars in downtown Greenville unless ALE starts an enforcement campaign to remove fake ID’s from the streets. ECU officers won’t guard the doors of the privately owned businesses. Officers are expected to be visible occasionally when there is a campaign but certainly not every night.

Sugg does not know how many officers will be given access to Age ID app in the future because it will depend on cost. It is also very unlikely for all officers to have an Age ID scanner. A couple of officers downtown may have the scanner but not all of them.

On the other hand, Sugg believes that the Age ID app must be implemented in spite of the cost to reduce the number of fake ID’s in Greenville. The app will be a worthwhile investment because the fake ID’s are a threat to persons who possess them. Information of innocent people might be used fraudulently and cause the person some financial and legal problems. The app will probably reduce the number of fake ID’s on the streets.

However, there are instances when it is very difficult to distinguish the Fake IDs from real ones because the ID maker has ensured that the fake one looks authentic enough to pass security check. Make sure though that you will only be using the fake ID’s for entertainment purposes and not to commit a crime.