Akzonobel Holds Team Building At The Foot Of Mt. Everest

There’s a lot of team bonding activities for corporations, from lunch, cooking sessions to outings. The employees of the international paint maker, AkzoNobel, however, decided to go for something a bit more daring.

12 of the company’s employees from across the world held their team building in the Everest Base Camp (EBC) earlier this April 2018, led by Director of Decorative Paints for India & South Asia, David Teng. According to Teng, a lot of his colleagues didn’t do much to reduce their stress in work, so he’s decided to be an example of how regular exercise and properly maintaining a work-life balance can do so much in the workplace.

AkzoNobel didn’t fund the trek itself, though the company was adamant that its employees come together for team bonding activities, saying that that trek merely started only as an expression of their love for nature as well as work-life balance motivation.

The team building aspect came to the forefront as the trek coordinated planning, logistics and training for the trek, which lasted for 12 days. The trekking party used AkzoNobel’s intranet in order to communicate with any interested climbers that could assist as well as to keep them updated. Core team members worked together, as well as researching and talking to trekkers who have done the trek in the past.

PrernaArun, AkzoNobel’s Communications Head, says that the employees hadn’t really met each other prior to the trek, but it had done much in order to help them bond, and they found it so fun that they’re already planning their next trek, with Tapovan in Uttarakhand as their potential venue. He recalls that their team members stuck together, even as some of them slowed down, they helped each other with the equipment, among other things.

Arun says she even got lost in a snowstorm, and the rest of the trek launched a search party in order to find her. She describes the group’s mentality as ‘all together or none’, saying that that creed was how the trek conducted themselves throughout the whole experience.

Teng says that, for many of the team, it was the first trekking experience for them, in snowfall and at high elevations. He says that it’s safe to assume that was the toughest physical challenger in their lives, and they learned that it’s important to be flexible, to celebrate small victories, persevere and work as a team.