All You Need To Know About Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite magnets are also called as ceramic magnets. These permanent magnets are made up of ferrite, a chemical compound which consists of ceramic materials and iron oxide. The ferrite magnets are popular because they posses electrically insulating properties and resistance to heat. They can tolerate heat up to 250 degrees centigrade and are corrosion free. Ferrite magnets are commonly used in everyday applications as they are affordable.

Ferrite magnets in Brisbane are available in various shapes such as ring magnets, Block magnets and disc magnets. These magnets are available in different sizes to suit the buyer’s requirements.

Ferrite block magnets

Ferrite block magnets in Brisbane are used for a variety of purposes. They are used in technology and aviation sectors. Block magnets are used to prevent electric noises of high frequency from entering or exiting the equipment. These magnets are also used to coat the absorption tiles lining of the aircraft. Ferrite block magnets are also used as radio magnets in loud speakers and other equipment. These magnets are most commonly used in Smartphone, tablets and in automobile industries. Ferrite block magnets are a major component in many of the modern electronic equipment.

Ferrite ring magnets

Ferrite ring magnets are available in two forms, soft and hard. These magnets are defined based on their magnetic properties. The soft ferrites have low coercivity and the hard ferrites have high coercivity. Soft ferrites can easily change the direction of magnetization while the hard ferrites are highly resistant to demagnetisation. The soft ferrite magnets contain nickel, zinc or manganese compounds and the hard ferrite magnets contain iron dioxide, barium or strontium carbonate. The ferrite ring magnets are used to make ferrite cores for transformers and inductors. They are also used in the manufacture of various microwave components.

Ferrite disc magnet

Ferrite disc magnets in Brisbane are also known as ceramic magnets. They are the first Ferrite magnets to be inventedby two Japanese scientists. The ferrite disc magnets are used to manufacture high quality audio and video tape, rewritable DVD discs, CD-R and CD-RW discs.

Buying ferrite magnets in Brisbane is very fast and easy. They can be easily procured from the leading online sellers who also have stores at various locations. The magnets are available in different sizes and shapes are can also be customized to suit the buyer’s requirements.