Arsenal Saving Energy With A Battery Powered Stadium

Developments in construction and technology allow for developments in football stadiums; there’s always something that’s competing for the best, if not the biggest football stadium in the world somewhere.

Arsenal, however, has something else in mind, with its new battery system powering at the Emirates Stadium, making it the biggest football stadium in the world to be entirely powered by green energy. The new battery, recently installed at the Emirates Stadium, is capable of powering the whole stadium for an entire match, all 60,000 seats, which amounts to about 2,700 homes for two hours.

The Gunner’s homefield is among one of the biggest of its kind in the UK, if not one of the biggest football stadium in the world, with energy spikes for match days, but with a daily energy need for things like refrigeration, offices and growing lights in order to maintain the pitch.

This development is among the club’s plan to reduce its environmental impact.

The stadium has been using green energy to partially power itself since 2017, with about 80% of match-day waste recycled, and LED floodlights that reduced energy consumption by 30%.

Arsenal Managing Director VinaiVenkatesham says that this is a huge step forward for them with regards to energy efficiency and developing their efforts in reducing their carbon footprint as an organization.

CEO Matt Allen, from Pivot Power, the energy firm that installed the battery, says that Arsenal is demonstrating how football clubs and other major energy consumers can save money while, at the same time, supporting government initiatives to meet climate change targets.

He says that batteries are key to creating a cost-effective, low-carbon economy and that the company is eager to cooperate with the government, local authorities, and businesses to seize the opportunities these batteries can offer.

The batter powering the Emirates Stadium will run for 15 years, and will generate income by providing services to the UK’s National Grid in order to help it balance supply and demand.

Depart of Business, Energy and Industry Strategy Minister Claire Perry praised Arsenal for moving the goal posts in a good way when it comes o energy efficiency at the Emirates Stadium.

Perry believes that a more flexible energy grid could save the UK billions and this new technology shows companies in the country that there is plenty of potential in smart energy systems.