Is An Art Strike An Effective Show Of Protest On Inauguration Day?

Ever since Trump won the US presidential election, the idea of using art to protest has been of particular importance. Yesterday, a group composed of more than 100 artists, critics and curators called for an “art strike” on January 20, the day of the new president’s inauguration. The list of protestors includes well known names in the world of art like Cindy Sherman, Richard Serra and Marilyn Minter.

Based on the petition that circulated, cultural institutions are invited to put business on a halt on January 20 by refusing to open their doors. The petition explains that the Art Strike is among the strategies to fight the normalization of Trumpism which is defined as a toxic combination of white supremacy, misogyny, xenophobia, militarism and oligarch rule. Like other tactics, this is not the end but an intervention intended to ramify into the future.

Although the word “art strike” appears several times in the petition, they want to make it clear that the strike is not against art, theater or cultural form. On the other hand, the Board promises to open during its normal hours because of its mission to make art accessible to the largest number of audiences. Many of the artworks in the collection which are currently displayed in the museum are expressions of basic freedom and reflect on the importance of social, cultural, racial and political issues.

An official statement from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the United States (MOCA) said that admission will be free on January 20 in celebration of the First Amendment and their ongoing commitment to honor the multiplicity of voices and perspectives.

Observers and journalists are quite skeptical. Guardian art columnist Jonathan Jones wrote that an art strike is not a very effective idea to resist Trump. History has chosen this generation to be tested and it is important to save strength because you will need it.

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