Atlanta Airport Incidents Prove Security Vulnerability

For the past two weeks, two incidents have been reported at the busiest airport in the world – Hartsfield-Jackson International. These incidents show that the security fencing of the facility spanning 29.5 miles is not enough. Even homeowners are investing in more advanced perimeter alarms in Perth because of the lacking of some security system.

According to the airport officials, two trespassers on a separate occasion were able to get through the fence in parts of the Harts field-Jackson International which is supposed to be off-limits. The city council members of Atlanta decided to intervene after the second trespassing through a questioning with the airport officials. These council members are under the transportation committee and they are responsible in overseeing the operations at the airport.

The first incident was luckily caught through the CCTV but the same cannot be said of the second incident as footages are missing. Balram Bheodari, the interim general manager of the airport, admitted that there are blind spots in the CCTV system of the airport thus some areas of the perimeter may not be monitored.

The airport security officials together with the police are trying to figure out how the second incident happened. The airport officials have already decided to contact the United States Department of Homeland Security in order to conduct a deeper investigation to study the two incidents if there are any connections.

Carla Smith, the committee member for transportation, said that the incidents are scary and only shows that they have to act in order to prevent them from happening again. She added that when it comes to airport security, they should not be complacent because there are no second chances when it comes to accidents.

Bheodari explained that with these incidents the airport officials have decided to increase the surveillance zones inside the airport to four instead of three zones only. The fence line has been inspected and there are no damages that could have been used by the intruders to pass through.

With a security threat this big, homeowners are now turning to security systems including perimeter alarms in Perth because they do not want to take chances when it comes to where their families are sleeping.