Australian Hotel’s Success Due To Diverse Staff

Currently, there is a stiff competition when it comes to hotel accommodations. There are thousands upon thousands of websites that offer online bookings. The only thing that can make or break a hotel is the high quality employees that are hired as staff.

According to a new research conducted by Dr. Ashok Manoharan, business academic from Flinders University, it was revealed that hotels in Australia are depended on a workforce that is multicultural in order for the entire establishment to operate properly. The main reason why many of these hotels are successful is because of the way that they are treating their staff members.

The research made by Dr. Ashok also included a survey of over 100 hotels that are located all over Australia. The most successful hotels are those that have high quality management when it comes to the multicultural staff.

Dr. Ashok said that majority of the hotels nowadays have the most recent technologies in their hands but they are trying to find means to cut costs in other areas. It is important to note that managing the staff well is important and this remains to be one of the many challenges that most businesses are struggling with.

Hotels are depending on migrant workers when it comes to hiring employees and the entire business depends greatly on them. Managers should know that the specific diverse management that should be practiced at the hotel because it consequently reflects on the success of the hotel as well as the turnover of the employees.

Hotels with multicultural staff should know that there is a strong connection between the effect of proper staff management, less employee turnover and the positive outcome of the business overall.

He also added that Australian hotels should learn how to appreciate their staffs in order for them to work better by providing exceptional service to the hotel guests.

Dr. Ashok started his career as a staff in hotels and he is currently known internationally as an expert when it comes to hospitality management. Hotels all over the world including hotel near Lumpini park should heed his advice for a business to be more successful.