Baird Survey On The Demand For Dental Technologies And Consumables

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Investment firm Baird surveyed 157 dentists in the United States with general practice. Baird wanted to build a picture based on the demand for dental consumables and technologies. The analysts believed that any results obtained will have implications for companies like medical supply distributor Henry Schein, 3D scanner provider Align Technology and dental product manufacturers, Dentsply and Envista.

According to the results of the survey, there was a drop in the volume of dental patients. From the results, the analysts predicted that businesses like Align Technology and Dentsply will struggle in beating their expectations in the near term.

Demand in the domestic dental end market has not been good in recent months. The reasonable conclusion is market demand has softened a bit since last year relative to the levels throughout most of 2017 and 2018. The sluggish end market trends have continued consistently to 2019.

The fact that the last 2 declines happened in September; there is an impression that demand is seasonal. September is a month where everything is quiet because of the after-school rush in August and spending trends are at a low point. However, Baird thinks that there are other factors in play.

There were survey questions that tried to determine whether dentists are likely to invest in new technology over the next 5 years. Technologies that are available to dentist that they are most likely to invest in are digital impression scanners and 3D printers. The survey results showed that the likelihood for dentists to invest in the latest equipment has remained consistent.

Technology plays an important role in the quality of dental treatment provided by the affordable dentist in Limerick because of faster speed and greater accuracy in the delivery of services. Dentists want to stay current with the latest technologies so that they can serve patients in the best way possible.