Bangkok’s Solution To Its Road Traffic Problem

There are new constructions going on everyday in Bangkok and tourists are everywhere in the city. Along with the daily flow of local commuters, traffic has reached an undesirable point in the capital city of Thailand. As more condominiums, office and hotels, not  to mention the best new hotel in Sukhumvit, opens up in Bangkok, the more the people have to endure the agonizing traffic jam.

According to the locals, Bangkok is dubbed as Krung Thep which means City of Angels in the English language. Since the end of WWII, Bangkok’s population has ballooned to ten times the size. Now, Bangkok houses more than 15.9 million people. No one has expected the city to grow this much in just a few decades and therefore the traffic situation in the city also suffered.

From an outsider’s point of view, the city might look chaotic but the truth is that there is no order followed in Bangkok in terms of construction. The only obvious order in the midst of it all is the Rattanakos in which is the royal centre in the capital. This is where the Grand Palaces can be found surrounded by wats or temples.

For many centuries, the main method of transportation in the city is the river of Bangkok. The authorities then did not think it would be wise to construct road because the city is always flooded whenever the monsoon season comes.

It was in the middle of the 20th century when the people of Thailand went from boarding boats to driving cars. The canals are covered in order to construct roads and the solid ground became the foundation of many houses. During the summer, the city is noisy and crowded and when the monsoon came, the streets are flooding.

To counter traffic jams, the government decided to construct many expressways and a metropolitan railways system now known as the Skytrain. The mass transit system now links almost all parts of Bangkok transporting tourists from the best new hotel in Sukhumvit going to various tourist attractions in the city. Many cities in Southeast Asia are also suffering from traffic problem including Manila and they hope to emulate the move made by Thailand in order to make the lives of the commuters a lot better and safer.