Be Cautious With Car Wrapping Promising Money

We live in an age where everyone is trying to make a living by earning from a number of sources to supplement the income such as applying as an Uber driver or as Amazon delivery personnel. One of the latest ways to earn money is by placing ads on your vehicle. There are legitimate companies that do vehicle wraps in Brisbane but in the United States, there have been many complaints regarding a scam that involves car wrapping.

According to the experience of a woman from Ohio, Vickie Gildea said that she learned the hard way after aiming to earn more cash on the side. This all stemmed from her problem with paying the monthly fee of her car, a Ford Edge. During this trouble time, she saw an advertisement through the social media platform Facebook wherein drivers can get paid just as long as they allow advertisements to be posted on their vehicle.

She said that the post indicated that she could earn $500 monthly and she could choose to sign up either for a monthly contract or a three-month one. She decided to go for it and apply. She received confirmation through email and the contact person was very meticulous when it comes to interviewing her such as the SUV type she have, the state of the vehicle and asked about her driving record too.

In just a few days, she got a package with a check of over $4,000 in order to bring her car to a detailer for wrapping. The ad to be posted on her vehicle is wrist watches for Casio. She was asked to deposit the entire amount and send $3,700 to the company while she keeps the rest.

Prior to doing it, she asked a friend because of a gnawing suspicion and she was told that it is a scam. Ultimately, she found out about the car wrap scam targeting to use her own money to send the 3,700 but the check is not authentic and will eventually bounce back. While there are legitimate advertising companies for vehicle wraps in Brisbane, it turns out that drivers in the US must keep an eye on these scammers.