Cairns’ Tourism Predicted To Lose $2.2 Billion

Before the Covid19 pandemic, Cairns was able to generate $3.5 billion in tourism dollars. In 2020, Cairns only managed to earn $1.3 billion from tourism. Tourism executives are now planning to attract one million West Australians to fly to Cairns instead of Bali or Indonesia. Tourists can be guaranteed a first-class service if they book an airport transfer from Cairns Airport to their destination upon arrival.

According to Tourism Tropical North Queensland chief executive Mike Olsen, predictions for the calendar year 2020 are bad. Tourism will be negatively impacted by a $2.2 billion loss. Since March, Cairns and North Queensland did not have any international visitors. On the Gold Coast, there were more domestic tourists and day trippers from Brisbane than foreign visitors.

According to Tourism Australia Research, in 2018 to 2019, 43.5% of the more than 5.3 million nights spent in Cairns were international travellers. A little over 44% were from interstate. This has affected 11,750 jobs or 14% of the community.

Mr. Olsen revealed that 10,008 businesses in Cairns have to rely on the federal government’s $1,500 per fortnight JobKeeper payments. Cairns desperately needs people to visit the area because everything is so quiet.

Meanwhile, Hilary Jacobs, president of Greater Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce said that Cairns needs cheaper rail fares, discounted air fares and cheaper accommodation to attract domestic tourists. Queensland must be able to support itself throughout this pandemic and support the tourism sector.

Queensland Rail has announced a 40% discount on fares to some of the regional destinations like Bundaberg, Mackay, Whitsundays, Townsville and Cairns. A “Good to Go” tourism campaign was also launched to encourage Australians to spend on domestic travel instead of international travel.

Queensland tourism businesses have generated at least 130,000 direct leads through, a website that was established by the government. There are new flights from Adelaide to Cairns that the tourism authority was able to partially sponsor.

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