Can Insanity Defence Be Used For Mass Killing?

For many crime victims, virtual trials can be uncomfortable because they do not have the opportunity to personally confront the accused. Victims want to understand why an accused committed a crime that made them suffer. Law firms like Donich Law understand the predicament of their clients and they exert effort to provide the best outcomes for these people.

Cathy Riddell was one of the victims of Toronto’s worst mass killing. Miss Riddell suffered from 20 injuries including major brain trauma that completely erased memories of the unfortunate incident. She finally understood what had happened 5 months after her last physiotherapy session.

When the criminal trial began early this month, many were expecting that it will finally provide closure to the attack that shocked that the whole country. The trial dominated the news because it was rare for the country to experience mass killings. However, the trial was held through Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic and the victims and survivors did not have any face-to-face contact with the killer.

The accused, Alek Minassian pleaded that he was not criminally responsible which used to be known as the insanity defence that would send him to a psychiatric institution for treatment instead of being imprisoned. The defendant’s lawyer argued that his client was incapable of understanding that the murders were wrong because he was suffering from autism spectrum disorder.

Experts in mental disorder laws closely watched the trial because the defence is not only unprecedented but unusual. Normally, autism is not associated to the ability to determine between right and wrong. Organizations in Canada that were involved in autism cases denounced the legal argument as false and dangerous.

Since the trial begun, Ms. Riddell watched the online proceedings at the courthouse. It would take a lot to convince Ms. Riddell that Minassian was not criminally liable for 10 counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of attempted murder.

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