China Allows New Video Games Except From One Developer

China is known to be the bringer of cheap games in the video games market but it shocked the world when it announced almost a year ago that it will suspend approval of release of new video games in the market. Fortunately, barely a year after its announcement, the government has decided to lift the ban it has imposed on new video game releases. In fact, the country’s regulatory board has given permission to 80 new video games according to a report by Reuters.

While it is all and good for many, there is one thing that is bugging the industry and that is the fact that there is no new video game from Tencent that has been approved considering that it is the largest gaming company in the country. Tencent is also popular for owning the worldwide app known as WeChat. WeChat is a pervasive app most commonly used in China because it has the capacity to make payments for users, connect people by instant messaging and it can also be integrated with mini-apps.

Ten cent might be known for We Chat but its biggest revenue comes from developing games. It has developed quite a number of popular ones such as League of Legends, Arena of Valor, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and its latest success which is Fortnite. This year though, China decided to be stricter when it comes to its video game applications and it is something that Tencent has yet to pull through. The company seeing how they are not going to get through the Chinese market decided to focus on the global market. Thankfully they were able to make a success with Fortnite which is said to have earned them a profit of around $3 billion.

After the news from the government that China will once again approve games, Ten cent released a statement saying that it is indeed inspiring news for the whole video game industry. Things are looking up for developers of cheap games and other video games category because none expected the ban considering that this specific industry earned more than $30 billion just this year alone.