City Of Guelph Addresses Complaints Regarding Termite Presence

Once a property has been infested with termites, it will require thousands of dollars to repair the damages. A property can be inspected by exterminators in your area to prevent termites from eating the structure. Unlike other pests, it is difficult to notice the presence of termites until the damage is already too big to control.

The city of Guelph is investigating two properties at the east end that are claimed to have termites. According to the city’s website post, they will investigate termite activities in the area of Eastview Road and Mountford Drive to address the complaint. People can expect visual inspections early this week.

According to Tim Myles, Guelph’s termite control officer, part of their task is the inspection of yards in the area to determine the extent of termite infestation. Notifications have been left in the mailboxes of homeowners requesting them to leave their gates unlocked so that the inspection team can confirm whether there are termites on the property.

Later in the week, Guelph will call residents through their phones to schedule indoor inspections of the affected properties. Inspections will include identification and removal of yard wood, installation of termite monitoring traps, removal of trapped termites, installation of borate rods on fence posts and retaining walls, spraying of borate on wood sheds and application of soil termiticides.

After the inspections, the city of Guelph will distribute a map that with a layout of boundaries for a new management area. Early this year, the city of Guelph announced that termite populations have hit a new low in 2018 with less than 20,000 termites trapped. This marks a 49.3% drop compared to the previous year.

The termite control program of Guelph is a part time project for this year but they have plans to complete all monitoring by the end of the year. The city is proud of the quickly dropping termite population.

It makes sense to homeowners to call the exterminators in your area for termite control once they spot signs of an infestation. While most signs usually go unnoticed, soft spots and hollow sounds on wood means that termites are wrecking havoc on the property.