Coldwater Commissioners Approved Budget For Repairs At County Jail

Coldwater, Michigan’s Branch County Board of Commissioners have finally approved the boiler repairs, door and lock replacements, and fixing the water distribution system of the Branch County Jail last Wednesday.



The approval was finalized after the voting, with 4 commissioners voting yes, and Commissioner Terri Norris voting no. She explains that the voters of the county have already approved the mileage proposal last August, stating that a new county jail would be open in the next few years. She was concerned that the boiler repairs, replacement of doors and locks, and fixing of water distribution systems in the old jail is not a good way to solve the problem, as a new one is already on its way.


Safety and Wellbeing

Despite the concerns raised by Commissioner Norris, Sheriff John Pollack explains that despite the jail being old, and a new one on the way, the inmates and staff still stay at the old one, which means that they need the repairs for their wellbeing. It is the responsibility of his department to ensure that the staff and inmates are well taken care of, including the repairs set in place.


With the winter season coming in, the boilers need to be fixed so that the inmates and staff would be comfortable during the colder months. Boilers tend to work overtime during these seasons, and so, repairs must be done sooner to avoid the peak season for repairs and replacements, which often drives up the prices even more.


Similarly, doors and locks need to be replaced for the safety of inmates and staff. Old ones in homes and business establishments need replacements once they are no longer in good working condition, and jails are of no exception.


Better water distribution systems would help improve the water flow within the facility, ensuring that the staff and inmates have access to running water all day.


While concerns regarding the investment of money on an old facility are valid, especially since there is a new one that would be soon opened, it is undeniable that the staff and inmates at the old county jail need the improvements at the facility where they are staying right now.