Confessions Of A Charter Broker

One of the most challenging things to do when planning for a holiday is to organize a charter vacation. This is most especially hard if this is the first time they are going for a yacht charter in Phuket, or if they are trying to find a location for their cruise. Either way, if a professional is required then one can always go to a charter broker. This many not be a familiar profession that many are not aware of but there experts such as Steve McCrea and Scott Farquharson who have their own yacht charter agency.

Farquharson explained that a charter broker can either be an individual or a company that specializes in charter market. They are also knowledgeable of everything related to the yacht including the fleets, crews, operators, services and even the food it serves. These professionals are there to help those who cannot make a final decision by weighing out all the necessary elements and criteria. The broker will help starting at the booking process until such time that the vacation is successfully processed.

McCrea added that choosing a charter yacht can be just as hard when choosing a house to live in. It is important to weed out the wrong options and then choose depending on the factors and features they are looking for.

It is common for people to have a misconception about an unpopular profession but McCrea said that their services are for free and they do not have their own fleet. They wanted to make sure that their opinion regarding a certain fleet is unbiased. When it comes to the cost, the charge of booking from the shop is almost the same as when someone hires a broker for their charter yacht experience.

Farquharson also clarified the misconception that clients will get a better deal if they contact charter companies directly instead of dealing with charter brokers. The bottom line is there is no difference between the two. In fact, approaching a charter broker is more advantageous to customers. For instance, these brokers know the best yacht charter in Phuket and they can easily arrange a customized package for them.