Consumers Should Take Caution In Dealing With Locksmiths According To Atty Gen Jeff Landry

Jeff Landry, Attorney General, are sending warnings to the residents of Louisiana to take caution when it comes to advertisements they see regarding locksmiths that are claiming to be local and actually is from another state. Many of these locksmiths do not possess a professional license and some are even resorting to intimidating the customers so they will be paid more.

According to Landry, many residents of Louisiana might be fooled into thinking that they are hiring a local locksmith but many of them are just being serviced with workers who do not possess legal license. What is worst is that they are sent by the company from another state. The strategy of these individuals is that they arrive at the location using unmarked cars and then they will charge the consumer more than what they have given as estimate and the only payment method they will be accepting is in cash.

This is why General Landry has advised many consumers to research a trusted and professional locksmith before any emergencies. The contact number must be saved on their phones for easy access. If you don’t know of any locksmith in your area, it is always a good idea to ask around from friends and relatives if they know of a good one and if they can recommend any reliable company.

Once you have retrieved the address of the locksmith, make sure to confirm with the use of a phone book, directory assistance or online. It is best to be cautious if the locksmith company you are calling is only using generic greeting and not company names when customers call. Always ask for the legal name of the company. If they are not willing to provide this information then it is time to find another locksmith.

Before starting work, there should be a written agreement regarding the estimate so you will not be charged more than what you expected. Any additional charges should also be noted beforehand. This advisory is not only applicable to consumers of Louisiana but also for residents of Perth looking for locksmith.