Cotton Weaving Returns To United Kingdom

A 156 years old company, Peter Reed, creates the bed sheet used by the Queen and they recently announced the return of cotton weaving to the United Kingdom which came from Italy. The company is planning to make bedding known as 100 per cent made in England.

The company is based in Lancashire and is equipped with a royal warrant. They manufacture luxury bed linens with thread count of 200 and 1,000. These same products are available in Peter Jones and Harrods. They also ship to 37 different countries such as the Middle East and United States.

The product’s embroidery and finishing are all handmade in England but as of the moment Italy does the weaving. This is due to majority of British looms closing down ten years ago. The cotton weavers in the country are not able to compete with their competition overseas in terms of price and quality.

This is about to change as customers will be able to purchase bed sheets that are not only high end but comes with Made in England label. Peter Reed recently made an investment with English Fine Cottons thus they were able to restore the mill located in Dunkinfield, Manchester with £5.8 million. It was established in 1853 but production stopped a hundred years later.

Two centuries back, Manchester was dubbed as Cottonopolis because it was able to spin 80 per cent of the cotton in the world. It ended when the last mill stopped operating in 1989.

The luxury sector is finding additional methods to return manufacturing in the country especially after the result of the Brexit. Peter Reed is also sponsoring apprentices enrolled at the Blackburn College as a part of their initiative to educate them with important skills which is necessary to re-establish the industry which lives on craft.

Peter Reed’s managing director, Sean Clayton, said that he came from the weaving industry thus he is excited to make beddings that is proudly 100 per cent made in England. They have already received positive feedbacks from their customers who want the bed sheet as it helps in shifting manufacturing back to United Kingdom.