Derek Jeter And John Legend For Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly Campaign

New York Yankee Derek Jeter is the latest brand ambassador of American Family Insurance, a provider of business and personal insurance coverage options for home, office, life and autos. The insurance provider has added Jeter to its roster last May for the Dream Fearlessly tagline that was introduced last year with John Legend, another ambassador who will provide the music. Other brand ambassadors on the organization include Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors and JJ Watt of Houston Texas NFL.

In one of the spots that will feature Derek Jeter, a young boy will think that he is appearing in a talk show where he will speak about his mother but he will actually get to meet Kevin Durant. In other spots, the athletes will work with the non-profit school on wheels so that they can educate children who are living in the streets. The athletes will also appear on commercial ads to help small businesses.

American Family Insurance has a total of seven ambassadors who will exemplify the different types of dreams that separate people. Most of the dreams are not like the usual wish upon a star but what people do normally while they work. American Family wants to provide a real message to its customers through authentic connections that will be provided by the seven ambassadors.

American Family has always stated in the past its preference for more realistic stories for their online marketing because their competitors often use a great deal of humor to attract potential customers. The videos featuring their ambassadors will appear in longer versions online and through 30-second clips on television. Aside from digital advertising, the insurance provider also hopes to use radio. American Family has spent an estimated amount of $194.5 million on measured media in the United States last year.

There are different techniques used by insurance companies to enhance their advertising efforts. On top of that there are insurance marketing tips suggested by experts for inbound and content marketing. Since some marketing strategies can be rather confusing, it is best left to the professionals who have the knowledge, skills and resources to create a successful campaign.