A Different Type Of Motivation For Millennials In The Workforce

Millennials are expected to represent 75% of the global workforce by 2030. Organizations that want to thrive and succeed in the coming years have to ensure that the millennials under their employ are satisfied and motivated through different techniques and strategies that have been proven effective in the past.

Millennials are totally different from traditional employees because of the way with which they were raised and their exposure to innovations in technology. Companies have to take a different approach in motivating millennials through performance management processes that better suit their way of thinking.

In the past, companies would adapt their HR processes but today, millennials are more concerned with the terms of their work life. By understanding the millennial’s way of thinking, the organization will benefit from building a stellar reputation that will facilitate long-term recruitment processes. The first thing to understand about millennials is that their primary motivation is definitely not money. In fact, a remarkable 50% of millennials are willing to suffer a pay cut to ensure employment in a job that aligns with their values and ambitions.

For the average millennial, a job is not just a job because they want to become part of a well functioning dynamic team. They want to feel that they can make a difference in the role played for a company. If they do not find what they are looking for, it is very easy to move on to pursue something that is more rewarding. According to Forbes, job hopping is the present norm.

At least 65% of millennials consider personal development as a critical factor in their career. A study made by Harvard Business Review revealed that lack of support in career development is the number one reason for a millennial to leave an organization. Millennials want to be motivated to succeed but they also want to grow and learn.

One of the likely options to ensure that employees are properly motivated is indoor team building activities that are fun and highly creative. There are teams that are highly experienced in providing event planning for this type of corporate function. Indoor bonding options as well as ice breaker games will be carefully planned and prepared for.