Do Restaurants Need Star Ratings During The Pandemic?

According to a recent study, businesses that earn a star rating between 3.5 and 4.5 earn more revenue than businesses with other ratings. But while a star rating can seriously impact a business, the number of positive reviews have a stronger impact. For example, king kong advertising review has a strong connection to reputation management and revenues.

Almost all businesses have taken a beating this year due to the coronavirus pandemic but it saved most restaurants and bars from sadistic comments. Food critics are rethinking their priorities because it, not the proper time to find fault in the industry. According to Bill Addison, it is time to document what is happening instead of value judgement.

The tradition of critic-bestowed ratings that include stars, letter grades, and numeric scales have shown varying opinions on the industry but no consensus was reached before the pandemic. Considering the ordeal that the industry is suffering from layoffs, closures, and financial hardships, critics must focus on the concerns of the food service workers.

There are different schools of thought when it comes to star ratings; consumers that advise others on how to spend and visuals that convey better value. A star rating is meant to provide service to others but the numbers are usually taken out of context.

One of the proven ways to gain a positive king kong advertising review is by providing the customer with an experience that is beyond expectations. A satisfied customer is more willing to leave positive feedback that the digital agency can use for its marketing campaign.