DUI Arrests Reach Pre-Pandemic Levels 

According to figures from the Pennsylvania State Police, the number of DUI arrests almost reached pre-pandemic levels in summer in spite of less traffic and restrictions imposed on bars and restaurants. The number of arrests and crashes were relatively low from March to late June but DUI arrests went up to 407 for a week in late June.

According to Deni Carise, chief science officer at Recovery Centres of America, people are turning to alcohol to ease them through the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. Infrequent and moderate drinkers have become heavy drinkers while quarantined at home. People who did not have problems previous to the pandemic are drinking more.

Liquor sales around the state spiked in March before the stores were closed. Because of high demand, the website of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board crashed in April. When much of the state was reopened in June, the number of crashes and arrests dropped more than DUI arrests. State troopers are still out there looking for individuals who are impaired by alcohol or drugs.

State Trooper William Butler cannot say if DUI is a new issue that resulted from the pandemic because it has been a long existing problem. Persons will still drink even if the bars are closed.  Besides that, alcohol and drugs are not going anywhere.

It is important for authorities to remind people of their responsibilities like designating a non-drinking driver, obeying open container laws that prohibit drinking in vehicles and monitoring guests at home or in establishments if they are sober enough to drive home safely.

DUI arrests usually increase during summer because more people are outdoors. This summer, things are different. Drivers are returning to reopened workplaces and taking social distanced vacations. People are starting to see their families and close friends and it very likely that there will be drinking during celebrations. Afterwards, they will go their cars and drive home.

When you are arrested for DUI, you will be allowed to use the phone in jail to call a DUI lawyer. You can also ask a family or friend to contact MyDefence.ca to assist you in posting bail and guide you through the court process.