Effects Of Bangkok Leading The ASEAN

Southeast Asia is making history as it is not common for regions to achieve a continued economic growth in a span of a few years. In fact, the entire region’s average yearly gross domestic project is almost 5 per cent. ASEAN Community is happy to announce that its economy is growing faster, twice compared to other regions in the globe. This is good news for recruitment agency in Bangkok, the current head of the ASEAN, because it will attract more skilled workers to the capital.

Experts believe that the prosperity of the Southeast Asian region is due to a number of factors including socio-cultural cooperation among nations, economic partnership and security in the political front.

The ASEAN chairmanship was appointed to Thailand for 2019 following the theme “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”. The challenge now is for the region to realize the positive way to move forward and make sure it is secured no matter what. In order to get to this point though, there are elephants in the room that must be addressed in order to overcome the hurdles.

There is no denying the rapid economic progress but there is also the rise of transnational organized crime. This is due to the decline in the presence of trade barriers and the infrastructures are no longer receiving as much funding as before. Not to mention, the sudden rise in people moving from one border to another along with capital and goods.

In a recent figure released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the value of transnational organized crime has reached $100 billion annually – a number higher than the GDP of several ASEAN members combined.

One of the most pressing transnational crimes is the trading of illegal drugs. There are also other issues that need to be confronted such as human trafficking, the illegal trading of timber and wildlife and the cybersecurity of each nation being put to the test.

The presence of legal recruitment agency in Bangkok helps curb human trafficking but there are still a few measures that can be done to totally eliminate this pressing issue. The challenge now is for the region to come together to fight these transnational crimes in order to further the economic growth of every country in the community.