ELD Mandate Complicates Deliveries In Canada And The US

During the JOC Canada Trade Conference, it was confirmed the US electronic logging mandate for truck drivers will affect motor carriers, railroads and Canadian trucking companies including domestic transportation and cross-border trade. Shippers that are dependent on cross-border trade with the US have experienced significant disruption since December 18 last year when the US mandate took effect.

Cross-border freight is a significant part of Canada’s core transportation business. Many trucking companies are already ELD compliant. Their drivers have ELD as soon as they cross the Ambassador Bridge or any of the 78 Canada-US truck crossing points. The ELD mandate has increased compliance with the hours-of-service rules but it is complicating deliveries in Canada. Transit times have become longer and there is reduced capacity on US truck lanes whether short or long.

In the supply chain, once transit time is lengthened on one leg of the shipment, the next leg will be severely affected. Canada is already facing constraints in truck capacity similar to the US and the US ELD mandate will tighten the belt further and add another layer of complexity.

Many Canadian businesses were flabbergasted by the breadth and depth of the mandate’s impact particularly since it is not Canada’s rule. Businesses have realized that one-day trips will become 2-day trips. Capacity is already too tight and the ELD’s have made the situation worse.

With Canada’s ELD mandate in effect, the US experience should have served as an example to shippers and carriers. Since nobody expects that capacity will be increased in both Canada and the US, transportation plans must be made in advance. They have to be proactive with the way they face the challenges of ELD mandate. Canadian drivers can move goods closer to the border and transfer them to a US-bound driver who is just starting the full daily schedule of hours.

It is without doubt that Canadian trucking companies have to be prepared to face more challenges because transformations are just starting. Meanwhile, if you have goods that have to delivered make sure it is prepared ahead of time so that delays can be avoided. Always choose trusted carriers to provide your shipping services.