Election Result Will Determine The Fate Of Thailand’s Education System

The entire country of Thailand is currently on election mode which is why everything under its scope is standing on the edge of a double edged knife. The result can be a good thing or a bad thing for the nation. Since the military coup that occurred in May 2014, this is the first time that the country will be putting its fate based on election result. The new government could make or break the education system. While private schools such as international school in Bangkok may not be affected, this means a lot for many of the local youth.

As the country waits for the result, big economic decisions are currently put on hold including the most important project of the government called the EEC or Eastern Economic Corridor. There are also a number of projects waiting to move forward like the high-speed train that will bridge two of the major airports of Bangkok including the U-Tapao airport located in Rayong.

Recent figures have shown that the economy of Thailand is currently the eight in all of Asia while it holds the second top spot for the entire Southeast Asian region. Last year, the country’s economy saw a moderate growth at less than 4 per cent which is almost the same as the year before. The GDP of the country is also lower than $7,000 per capita.

The education system of Thailand has taken a hit amidst all this because it has been evident that only those who are able to afford private schools are able to get proper education. The middle class of Thailand were able to go to private schools and forget about the fact that the public school system has failed their children in a major way.

This need to change and all of this will depend on the result of the current election. While it is good that there are private school options such as international school in Bangkok, the public school system needs to be fixed in order for education to become an equal opportunity for everyone regardless of the social standing in the community.