Engineered Timber As An Option To Natural Wood

The natural beauty and authenticity of hardwood flooring makes it a popular choice for homeowners. It is a fact that there are many types of timber flooring in Sydney that add a touch of quality and elegance on homes. However, aside from the natural timber that has been harvested from sustainable sources, there is also engineered timber that is a product of a manufacturing process.

Engineered timber has the authentic properties of natural wood but with a new level of performance. There are two different construction types of engineered timber – engineered ply core hardwood and engineered high density core hardwood. Both materials are available in a variety of finishes for enhanced performance. They have the visuals of solid core hardwood with increased durability because of the engineered construction.

There are eight styles that homeowners can choose from depending on their aesthetics requirements. In terms of authenticity, ash, maple and oak provide cleaner visuals and prominent high contrast cathedraling. It creates an elegant appearance with ample movements in the grain. The appearance is raw and natural with the natural splits and knots that make each plank unique.

Bespoke oak is created using wire brushing on the face of the veneer. Visibility of wear is reduced while creating a more interesting surface. This style includes different de-saturated colours in a contemporary, urban palette. The planks are smaller in sizes but have consistent lengths.

Camaret oak comes in a wide range of colours from raw natural tones to deep umber stains. The white oak visual has a wire brushed and cerused graining to achieve a contemporary look. They are known for tight and clean graining and wide long planks that accentuate the beauty of the grain.

Distinctive hickory has the traditional look of hardwood but with the wire brushed texture and pillowed edges of a structured profile. The colour palette is usually dark and vintage-inspired, timeless tones.

Homeowners who prefer the warm and familiarity that natural hardwood brings to room have the option of timber flooring in Sydney and installers that share their expertise and professionalism when installing flooring. They boast of extremely high work standards whether they are providing flooring installations, restorations or repairs.