Espargaro To Use Aprilia’s Lab Bike During Australian Grand Prix

AleixEspargaro, the rider of Aprilia MotoGP, said that he is going to use the lab bike of the company in the upcoming Australian Grand Prix. This is part of the ongoing development that is being done to perfect the 2019 version of the Aprilia bike which is known as the RS-GP.

Based on the points they have earned, Espargaro is currently on the 18th place. There are three more races left for him and Aprilia in the second season.So far, there were only two races wherein he was able to place at least in the top 10 and these happened in Aragon and Le Mans.

At the beginning of this month after his race in Thailand, he said that he can no longer allow another season like the currently he is having. He added that if there are no improvements, he is already considering quitting his career for good.

There is not much left at stake for him this year but Espargaro said that aside from the RS-GP with the current specs he will use, he is also going to try an experimental bike equipped with a new chassis which he can test at Phillip Island.

Espargaro said that in the upcoming Australia race, they are going to try a lab bike in development for next year. During his last race at the Japanese GP, he was not able to finish because his front tyre overheated.

Revealing more about the lab bike, Espargaro said it has a lot of new details therefore it can be considered a different bike. They made changes with the bike’s balance in order for the rear to handle more weight as well as improve the grip because it is a current issue for them this year.

He expressed his disappointment saying that the season is a disaster because of their slow developments. They are trying to see what can be improved for the Aprilia bike in order for them to have something for 2019 which is only two months away. Espargaro added that staying inside the top 10 means that they have improved.