Essentials Oils In Treating Headaches

Around 45 million of Americans are suffering from headache annually. It is a common health issue that is experienced by 17 per cent of the United States’ population. This is also considered to be the most common complaint in the medical field with 8 million patients visiting their doctors every year for this reason alone. The less severe type of headache is the tension headache but it does not mean that it is less frustrating. This type of headache is suffered by almost 90 per cent of the people, at least once in their whole life. This is the main reason why essential oils from reputable companies such as Lotus House are in demand as they are known to effectively treat headache.

Tension headache that is repeatedly occurring, up to 15 times in a single month, is called episodic tension headaches. If it happens over 15 times monthly, it is referred to as chronic tension headaches. The severity of the headache is not considered in the classification, only the number of occurrence.

According to the National Headache Foundation, there are 150 different kinds of headache while there are 24 major types. The most common are tension, migraine and cluster headaches. Headaches can be a burden to the productivity of a person and could affect them financially as well as have a negative impact in a community or a company. This is why there are continuous studies as to treatments of headache such as essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plants. The resulting products can be highly concentrated this dilution is necessary before it can be used.

It is important to choose 100 per cent essential oils because there are synthetic ones in the market. They can be harmful instead of beneficial to the user. There are a number of oils that have been found to treat headache such as lavender, frankincense, rosemary, chamomile, peppermint, jasmine and eucalyptus.

There are many ways to use essential oils from Lotus House. It can be inhaled when used in room diffuser or using cotton ball with a few drops, direct inhalation, adding a few drips in bath water, used in aromatherapy massage or used as oil or lotion.