Everything You Need To Know About Live aboard Thailand

Liveaboarding is just like having a cruise ship but with a smaller boat or houseboat. Also, liveaboarding involves diving as its highlights whereas cruising on ships do not include diving. Liveaboarding utilizes small sea crafts unlike huge luxury cruise trips. Since Liveaboard Thailand uses small houseboats, yachts and other small sea vessels, the boat can easily visit small beautiful islands along the Andaman Sea for some swimming or beach stop-overs. Aside from this, guests on liveaboarding can enjoy semi-exclusive parties and socialization with other divers.

A houseboat can take in 12 to 24 guests for every trip. You have the option to get a smaller boat or charter the entire boat with your diving buddies for a more exclusive liveaboarding experience. This way, you can have your own private parties away from strangers or rowdy crowds. However, if you are on your own or with a partner and you want to meet new friends, a mixed trip with fellow diving enthusiasts would be an excellent choice.

A liveaboard trip can go between 2 to 9 days. Depending on the itinerary, there are trips that involve night dives. Another thing to note is that Liveaboard Thailand is not just for divers, those who just want to experience how it is to stay in a houseboat for days can also book for a trip. Those who want to enhance their diving expertise should also get on board. Basic diving lessons are also offered during the trip for those who want to learn how to dive. Aside from diving, there are other activities that guests can engage in such as BBQ by the beach, parties, water activities, reading on sun decks during afternoons or sipping cocktails at night.

There are different types of packages offered to those who want to enjoy and experience Liveaboard Thailand and all you have to do is pick which package suits your preference and budget. You can opt for private air-conditioned decks with linens and exclusive bath while there are options for shared bath. You can also experience authentic Thai cuisine while on board. The liveaboard package includes diving gears, wet suits and transfer to and from the boat.