Famous Infidelity Site’s Data Suggest That Brits Are The Most Unfaithful In The EU

The world’s most famous discreet dating site, Ashley Madison, has been in the news for a while now, for a variety of reasons. Recently, they’ve been showing some data on their users, giving people a good idea of which cities, and which countries have the highest rates of infidelity.


As for Europe, the reputation of Italians and French as hot-blooded lovers have many assuming that they have a lot of infidelity, or side romance. The global discreet dating site, however, says otherwise, with their data saying that the Brits are the most unfaithful in Europe.


Ashley Madison got caught in the spotlight back in 2015 following a major data leak, and, since then, it has decided to be a bit more open with its statistics. The dating site, which runs on the slogan of “Life is short. Have an affair.”, saw even more activity following that news. Since 2010, the infidelity site reports that they had 2.3 million Brits using their service, which is a huge number, and a number that beats out every other European country, and putting the Brits as the 4th most unfaithful country, behind only the US, Brazil and Canada, based on Ashley Madison’s user numbers.


As for Europe, the closest to the UK’s 2.3 million Ashley Madison users is the religious Catholic country of Spain, with 1.6 million users.


Ashley Madison Director of Western Europe Christoph Kraemer, notes that the UK is the site’s biggest European market for quite a while now, ahead of France, Germany, and Italy, and he notes that countries with particularly traditional views on relationships and marriage are places where Ashley Madison do well, which he ascribes to people feeling trapped in relationships. He likens it to a corset; the tighter it is, the more people want to get out of it.


Regarding the 2015 data leak, Kraemer states that Ashley Madison re-evaluated their security measures and infrastructure, removing the bot accounts that plagued the site, and improved data privacy. As for the reputation of the site, the data shows that there is definitely a need for the site.