Five Winter Care Tips To Keep Your Car In Top Performance Condition

Winter is the time, most dreaded by the car owners. The batteries become dead, the engine does not start and the view from windows is not clear. Here are some tips to ensure that you make your car winter ready.

Take care of the battery

The battery is the most affected components of the vehicle in winters. The sub-zero temperatures during winters, reduce the cranking power of the batteries. Refer to the user’s manual and learn to inspect the batteries. Check the fluid level in the battery and top it up with some distilled water, if it is low. Check the charging level of the batteries and get them recharged at a professional mechanic in Southport or in your neighbourhood. Replace damaged or worn-out batteries to ensure that you are not left stranded because of a dead battery.

Examine the wipers

Check the windshield for any scratches cause by defective wiper blades. Replace the defective wipers to ensure the windshield is not damaged and the driver has a clear view of the road and surroundings. Clean the rubber edge of the wipers regularly to increase their durability.

Clear the windows and windshield
Ice tends to deposit on the windshield and windows of the car during winters. Do not use wipers to clean the ice off the windshield. Invest in a good quality ice scraper to clean the windows and windshield. Fill the windshield washer reservoir with a good solution containing antifreeze agents. Run the air-conditioning system of the car to prevent the windshield from fogging.

Check the fluids

Cold temperatures during winters effect the functioning of the engine. The engine oil and other fluids tend to thicken during winters. Use engine oil with W viscosity, which is ideal for winter use. Replace the oil filters during every oil change so that the oil flows freely. Get the radiator and heater checked by a professional mechanic.

Get the tyres checked

Opt for all season tyres or winter grade tyres. These tyres provide good tyre traction on the snow covered roads. Check the tyre pressure regularly as a drop in temperatures means tyre lose air pressure quickly. Consult a reputed mechanic in Southport, before the winter months begin and the tyres realigned, balanced and rotated to ensure they are in good working condition before it starts snowing.