Formula 1 Tech Controversy Involving Wheel Rims

For many people, changing the wheels of the car is usually for aesthetic appeal and improved performance. However, choosing the right wheels is more complex than it used to be given the wide range of wheels in Brisbane that are now available and the technology that has been built into modern vehicles.

The fierce battle between Mercedes and Ferrari has resulted into incremental gains considered to be very important in swinging the momentum in Formula 1’s 2018 title fight. Both teams looked into their own and each other’s cars to find ways to boost performance. However, this led to the latest Formula 1 tech controversy involving the wheel rims.

Shortly after, Mercedes’ shocking defeat in the United States Grand Prix because of the difficulty in managing tyre temperatures, it was found out that the team covered up the controversial holes in the rim design. There were also questions about them being moveable aerodynamic devices which were the core to many FIA bans over the years.

Ferrari questioned the purpose of the holes but FIA told Mercedes on the eve of the Austin race that they were fully satisfied with the concept and it is within the regulations of the race. Ferrari questioned the interpretation and since Mercedes was aware about the possibility of a post-race protest, it decided to cover up the holes so that any potential celebration will not be overshadowed.

Mercedes opted for the current wheel rim design before the Belgian Grand Prix when it made a fairly innocuous change on the rear wheel rims. The rib concept that featured large fins was added to the rim’s outer face to make the wheel act like a heat sink. This helped in using the neighbouring airflow to change the rim’s temperature. This will have an effect on the tyre’s core temperature. Mercedes has been using the concept for years but they used smaller fins.

Wheels and rims are not same because the rim is only a part of the wheel. The rim and wheel are manufactured as one unit or they can be in multi-part assembly. Wheels and tyres have different diameter sizes of several inches to fit properly. If you are planning to purchase wheels in Brisbane, make sure to choose one that will suit your vehicle.