French Museum Will Help In Cambodia’s Orchid Conservation

Siem Reap province is about to get reinforcement because the Paris branch of the French National Museum of Natural History has promised to help in the Sok An Phnom Kulen Centre for Orchid Research and Conservation’s effort to conserve wild orchid by sending specimens to the facility. Orchid flowers are one of the most in demand in the world that orchid cut flowers are learned by suppliers in order to lengthen the vase life of the flowers. Now there is a need to conserve orchid cut flowers because many species are in danger of extinction.

The agreement was discussed when the officials of the Environment Ministry met with the museum’s officials. Council for Sustainable Development’s deputy secretary general, Chan Somaly, met with French officials to discuss the cooperation as well as technical support needed in order for the Phnom Penh to have its own branch of National Museum of Natural History.

A Facebook post from the ministry revealed that the Paris Museum is willing to share information they have gathered regarding a list of wild orchids from Cambodia they have already studied.

It was only this September that the first orchid research facility and conservation centre was launched in Siem Reap through the efforts of the Environment Ministry.

Cambodia, which has a lot to offer to offer in terms of biodiversity and natural resources, currently have over 500 species of orchids and a number of them are considered rare. As of writing, only 360 species have been studied.

A representative from the ministry, NethPheaktra, said that they are happy to receive all kinds of support and the French museum’s aid will improve the research they are conducting regarding orchids and the biodiversity of the country as a whole.

Mr. Pheaktra said that the international community is happy with the introduction of the SokAn Phnom Kulen Orchid Research and Conservation Centre. Aside from the promised support from the French museum, they are also expecting other countries to come in and help in their goal to conserve orchids in a more effective manner.

This will help boost the industry and orchid cut flowers will not diminish the supply but rather raise awareness to the public of the beauty and importance of the flowers.