Fundraising Held By Band To Help Repair Of Irvine Church Boiler

A music group composed of elderly called Second Time Around gave Irvine Church a donation of £1000 in order to help them cover the costs of the repair of the boiler which is quite expensive. St. Andrew’s Church has been asking for donations from different organizations that are using its space in order to raise enough money that will cover the boiler repairs. Due to the boiler breaking down, many members of the congregation are no longer attending their worship time on Sundays because they can’t handle the cold inside the church.

This is when one group decided to take charge and help with the church’s predicament. Second Time Around play every Thursday inside the church for what they call a jamming session. They provide entertainment and company for the elderly in the community as well as the vulnerable souls.

The group decided to organize a concert and they were able to earn £699 coming from the sales of the tickets, raffles and the food. The organization closed off the amount at £1000 which was then given to the minister of St. Andrew’s Church, Reverend Ian Benzie. The money was used to pay for the repair bill of the broken boiler.

Mr. Benzie said that he is grateful for the generosity shown by Second Time Around to the church and the community. He said that they are still on a funding drive after sending out an appeal to organizations that the church is currently in need of their help. Those organizations are the same ones that use the premises whenever they need space to congregate.

The paid concert that was organized by Second Time Around was held on the church grounds and the money was given to the church. While what they did is remarkable, it is nothing compared to what they are doing every week in order to touch people’s lives. Mr. Benzie referred to them as the unsung heroes who deserve to be given recognition.

A broken boiler is a serious problem especially during the cold months. Even residential properties in Bristol visit professional boiler repair contractor on their main website in case of sudden breakdown because immediate repair is necessary to keep them warm. The president of the band is happy to help out because they have been with the church for many years.