Funeral Directors Consider An Investigation As Perfect Opportunity For The Profession

Many people are not comfortable talking about death that is why when the time comes, relatives are confused on the type of funeral services that will honour the spirit of the departed family member. Fortunately, there are funeral directors in Sydney who have years of experience in arranging all types of funerals arrangements.

Meanwhile Poppy Marshall, a funeral director asserts that her fellow funeral directors consider funerals as a sale and the dead boy as a hazard. Members of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) do not consider it a fitting description for the thousands of compassionate and dedicated men and women who are working in funeral homes.

The National Association of Funeral Directors called on the UK Competition and Market’s Authority to intervene and undertake an investigation. NAFD considers the investigation as a positive opportunity for their profession to clear its name.

Actually, there is no culture that has to be changed but decent and honourable funeral directors are exasperated by a small minority of businesses that ruin the profession. Since these small businesses are not acting on behalf of public interest, they need to be reprimanded or put out of business.

Burial and cremation fees are going up and yet most of the responsible funeral homes have not increased their prices for several years. The results of the recent survey made by Royal London revealed that last year, local councils have increased cremation fees by 4.9% and burial fees by 6.1%, well ahead of inflation.

Many funeral directors have tried to fill up the gaps in government funeral benefits that do not provide adequate support to those who need it. Funeral directors often provide free services when a child dies. More flexible options are offered to bereaved families so that they can take control of the funeral arrangements themselves.

Majority of funeral directors in Sydney see to it that funerals are both personal and meaningful. They provide guidance to family members so that they can choose the most appropriate funeral arrangements according to the wishes of the departed. The right atmosphere is provided so that relatives and friends can say their last emotional goodbye.