Gibraltar Ministry Opts For Electric Motorcycles

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In Gibraltar, the Government’s Environment Heritage and Climate Change department purchased four new electric motorcycles to form part of its fleet in an effort to reduce its carbon footprints. Electric motorcycles are environmentally friendly and can improve air quality.

The old diesel-powered motorcycles became part of the exchange to be able to purchase the new motorcycles from AutoSport Ltd. for £2,450 each. The new motorcycles will be able to accommodate 2 passengers and can run at a speed of 50 kilometres per hour. This is within the speed limit set in Gibraltar. The removable battery can cover a distance of 100 kilometres after charging.

According to Dr. John Cortes, the Minister for Environment Heritage and Climate Change, the policy of the government is to transform vehicles to electric and the ministry will lead from the front. They have reached the point where the fleet of motorcycles has to be changed and they clearly chose the least hybrid vehicles.

The electric motorcycles were tried and tested to determine whether they go up the hills, stay quiet and will not emit carbon dioxide. After two months of testing, it was found out that the motorcycles were suitable for the ministry’s requirements.

The government is investing in clean technology and they are hopeful that other departments, agencies and private organizations will follow the lead and convert to electric. However, the government still encourages people to cycle, walk or take the bus if they do not have an electric motorcycle.

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