Glitter Girl’s Advocacy Against Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are too common nowadays and it targets everyone. Anyone suffering from this condition should see eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne for their case to be resolved as soon as possible. In North Carolina, on the other hand, there is someone called Glitter Girl who is known for taking a stand against the problem resulting from eating disorders.

Glitter Girl’s real name is Alex Koszeghy and she recently graduated from the University of North Carolina located at Chapel Hill. She prepared for her game look by starting with a single layer of paint all over her body and then covering the paint with glue. This is followed by glitters with various shades of blue that will cover every part of her body. The final coating is using hair spray to make sure the glitters stick.

If you don’t know her, you might think that she is just passionate about showing her support for different home sporting events. In fact, this is a deeper reason to what she is doing.

Glitter Girl is the representation of how everyone should love themselves and it also shows her stand against eating disorders.

Koszeghy admitted that she was also a victim of eating disorder during her teenage years and she knew how hard to go through it. During the recovery process is when she learned to discover more about herself and her identity. This helped her embrace all her flaws which made it easier for her to love and accept herself. That mindset helped her become the Glitter Girl that she is known today.

She started body painting during her sophomore year but the glitter was only added to her look during the previous fall where she saw guys with gold glitters for the FSU game.

Koszeghy said that she does not mind what other people say and is happy about the attention that others pay towards her look as well as her dance moves.

She is currently volunteering at the Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders. She acts a mentor to the young women who are undergoing what she has been through. For individuals who are suffering from eating disorders in Australia, consult eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne for professional help.