Google Ads Makes Responsive Search Ads The Default

Google makes regular updates and changes to how it operates Google Ads, meaning that online marketers need to stay on their toes to keep up.

On February 18, 2021, Google announced that Responsive Search Ads will now be the default for Google Ads. What does this mean for advertisers and their marketing campaigns?

The change

Changing to RSAs means that people who make an ad for Google can only choose RSAs or Call Ads. Expanded Text Ads can still be made, advertisers just need to opt for an RSA then go and click ‘Switch back to text ads’ in Google Ads, a change that makes it clear how much the search engine is pushing for RSAs as the defaults.

ETAs will still be supported by Google, and won’t just go away or stop working; the search engine still recommends two ETAs and an RSA for ad groups.

Why change?

Google explained their reasoning for the change:

  • Better performance from machine learning, as part of Google’s embracing of automation, which it says provide better data on marketing campaign performance
  • Better adaptability with customer behaviour, with Google saying that RSAs adapt better to the constantly changing trends in the market without having to make new ads regularly
  • Streamlined account management; RSAs are easier to work with for machine learning systems. For Google, this means that they can use RSAs to provide better recommendations, among other things.

For those looking to get good king kong marketing reviews, ETAs are still an option; they’re still very much recommended. The changes, overall, fit Google’s push towards stronger automation, though it does also make it easier to incorporate regular tests into ad campaigns.