Google Analytics No Longer Collecting Data From Youtube

Since the start of February 2021, Google Analytics stopped collecting data from YouTube channel pages, cutting the connection between these Google-owned services.

Historical data will remain accessible for those that want it, but new data is not and will not be tracked.

Back in November 2020, Google removed the ability to link Google Analytics and YouTube, with channels with existing connections to Google Analytics that could look at new data until the start of February 2021.

The change was considered abrupt due to the fact that Google hasn’t really issued an explanation or announcement on the matter. The only reason the internet took notice was due to a small notice on top of a YouTube Help page, implying that this link between these particular Google services wasn’t seeing a lot of use, and was deemed a failure.

Notably, creators on YouTube have always had access to better tools and analytics data via YouTube Studio, meaning there wasn’t really a good reason to link to Google Analytics. That particular avenue wasn’t a necessity, either, more of a convenience offered for those who use Google Analytics to keep track of data.

YouTube Analytics is now the best way for creators to get information on YouTube channels to see how each is doing.

For marketers who only used Google Analytics, this change means that they’ll suddenly have to pick up a new analytics tool from out of the blue. It’s a sudden change that mostly restricts itself to YouTube creators and marketers; more for the people that care about king kong SEO reviews and the like, rather than the average user.