Governments And Organization Work Hand In Hand To Improve Early Childhood Education

The best benefit that a child gains from Anaheim Preschool is improvement and increase in their potential for success in primary and secondary school. The sad part is early childhood education is an advantage that the rich enjoys over the underprivileged. Children from rich families are more likely to attend preschool.

According to UNICEF, an investment in early childhood education is a powerful way to reduce the gaps between well-off children and children in the low social and economic status. Africa has one of the lowest rates of early childhood education because only 27% of their children are attending preschool. However, the Middle East and North Africa have lower rates at 26%.

Children in East Asia and Pacific are more fortunate because 37% go to preschool. Latin America and the Caribbean have made the effort to send 61% of their children to schools that offer early childhood education.

Nations face different challenges in trying to improve their programs for early childhood education. Various organizations and governments are providing assistance to overcome the challenges. The sad thing is by 2020, it is estimated that malnourished children in Africa will be 45% which will prevent their    brains from developing properly.

Kenya has a long history in early childhood education with 53.3% of the Kenyan children enrolled in pre-primary education in 2015. After Kenya became independent in 1980, preschools in rural and urban areas were expanded by the government for increased access.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe network of Early Childhood Development Actors was created in 2012 to increase services and infrastructure. Government and funders worked together to discuss improvements in programming and increased funding for programs to guide new preschools.

The government is also working with NGO’s like UNICEF, Save the Children and Plan International for the construction of facilities and training of teachers. The government required teachers to have college education to teach in the early childhood education program.

Preschool teachers at Anaheim Preschool have the proper training to shape the perceptions of children and their attitudes towards learning. The teachers strive to create an environment that will encourage a child’s desire to be independent to gain self accomplishment and self confidence.