Guide Questions For First-Time Travelers

In the midst of your busy schedule, perhaps you have thought about going to a different country where you can just take a break and forget about your hectic job. Maybe you have dreamed of visiting Thailand to see the elephants or you wish to go to the Philippines and experience fine white beaches. Maybe you are confused on which country to go, but you know you need to. If it is a difficult decision to make and you have already secured your passport, then there are a few questions to ask yourself that may help you narrow down your choices. Read on.


  1. Are you planning to go far away from home? If it is your first time to travel abroad, it is most ideal to go somewhere near your home country. Majority of travelers would choose the nearest country so they would feel less anxious especially when leaving alone. It is also your key to get more comfortable on your next trip. Just do not forget your points of interest maps so you will be guided to the tourist destinations you’d like to go.
  2. Do you know other foreign languages? Or do you think you can visit a country that does not speak the English language? Keep in mind that communication is important when traveling. It will be difficult to get instructions or to ask from strangers if the people do not speak the English language.
  3. Do you plan to connect with the locals? Connecting with the locals is one of the best parts of traveling as it teaches you many things about their culture. You may also get the chance to know local guides.
  4. What do you want to experience? Are you the kind of traveler who wants to check out the architecture and museums of the country? Or you want to relax on the beach and try different types of food that you cannot find in your place? Answering this will help you figure out which among your options best suit you. It may also be helpful to secure yourself some points of interest maps that may narrow down your options.